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Stroud Cemetery

Stroud Cemetery is owned by Stroud District Council, but the day-to-day maintenance of the grounds and administration and management of burials is the responsibility of Stroud Town Council.

stroud-cemetery The cemetery lies on the eastern edge of Stroud.

It is open every day from dawn until dusk, and in addition to its main purpose is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year.

It comprises two distinct sections:

The Old Cemetery lies to the south of Bisley Road and includes the Victorian Chapel of Rest (currently a maintenance depot) and historic gravestones. It is a Local Nature Reserve, home to some very special Cotswold wildlife including rare lichens, beetles, badgers and glow worms.
The majority of burials take place in the New Cemetery, which lies below the Old Cemetery on Horns Road, and is laid out as a lawn cemetery. It is most easliy accessed from London Road via Bowbridge Lane (opposite the British Oak public house), and Spider Lane. The nearest postcode is GL5 1EE. Cemetery-map
Dog walkers are welcome in the cemetery, but dogs must be kept on a lead.  
Download the full Cemetery Regulations  


Most people will use the services of a funeral director to arrange a burial, however if you prefer to make the arrangements yourself we will be happy to help.

In addition to the burial fee an Exclusive Right of Burial must be purchased. This gives the owner the right to say who can be buried, or have ashes buried or scattered in the grave, and give permission for a memorial to be erected or amended. It does not refer to the purchase of the land itself.

To arrange a burial we require the following information:

  • Funeral date and time

  • Details of deceased

  • Person arranging funeral
    We require the name, address and telephone number of this person who can be a family member or funeral director, who must also pay the fees required.

  • Coffin size
    We require this information to ensure the grave is dug to the correct size. The size required will be the outside dimensions of the coffin or casket, including handles.

  • Grave number
    This is only required for existing graves. If you own the Exclusive Right of Burial the grave number will be on your grant. You need to say who is already buried in the grave. We will check to see if there is sufficient space for another burial. If the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial is deceased, a transfer via their estate must be done before any further burial can take place.

Paperwork required to carry out a burial:

The above paperwork is required a minimum of three working days before the burial. This is to ensure that we have sufficient time to excavate the grave and carry out the necessary administration.

Burials can take place during the following times:
March to October November to February
Monday to Thursday 9am-3.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-2.30pm
Friday 9am-2.30pm Friday 9am-2.30pm

The responsibility for selecting the location of the burial plot lies with Stroud Town Council.

The details of all burials are recorded on our database and in the Burial Registers. We are happy to help with any searches, although please note a fee may apply.

Transferring the Exclusive Right of Burial

When the last remaining owner of an Exclusive Right of Burial is deceased a transfer via their estate must take place before any further burial or memorial erection or amendment can take place. Please note a fee will apply.

For the transfer to take place we will need to know if the deceased owner left a Will and if Grant of Probate was obtained. If so, we will need to see and take a copy of the sealed Grant. If not, we will need to see and take a copy of the Will and any codicils.

If the deceased owner did not leave a Will we will ask if Grant of Letters of Administration were obtained.
If so, we will need to see and take a copy of the sealed Grant. If not, a Statutory Declaration signed in the presence of a Magistrate or Commissioner of Oaths by the lawful next of kin must be made.

A living owner can change ownership at any time.

More information: Exclusive Rights of Burial


The owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial needs to apply for permission to erect a memorial or add an additional inscription to a memorial. This will usually be done on their behalf by a stonemason.

If the owner is deceased a transfer via their estate must be carried out before any permission can be given.

Depending on where the grave is located in the cemetery, permission to erect a memorial may not be granted for up to 1 year from the date of burial.

Please note a fee will apply.

More information: Guidelines for memorials and garden areas

Garden of Remembrance

The garden has been created at the entrance of the Old Cemetery, off Bisley Road and is intended for families who would like a place to remember loved ones when ashes have been scattered elsewhere. Plaques are to be provided by the family and should be bronze, with lugs or predrilled fixing holes ready for fixing by our staff.

No more than 6” long by 4” deep (approximately 150mm x 100mm)
Shapes can be rectangles, squares, ellipses, circles or diamonds

Please note a fee will apply.

For details of the current fees please contact us.

Also available for download:
Stroud Cemetery leaflet
Stroud Cemetery poster