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Arranging a Burial

Stroud New Cemetery

We recommend that you use the services of a Funeral Director to arrange a burial, however, if you prefer to make the arrangements yourself, you will need to contact us to discuss the necessary health and safety requirements.

In addition to the burial fee, an Exclusive Right of Burial must be purchased. This gives the purchaser (Grant Holder) the right to say who can be buried, or have ashes buried or scattered in the grave, and give permission for a memorial to be erected or amended. It does not refer to the purchase of the land itself.

Information required to arrange a burial:

  • Proposed date and time
  • Details of deceased
  • Coffin/casket size (outside dimensions including handles to ensure the grave is dug to the correct size)
  • For existing graves only: plot number. This information can be found on the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial Deed issued to the Grant Holder. We will check to see if there is sufficient space for another burial.

If the Grant Holder is the deceased they may be buried in the grave but there can be no further burials or memorials erected or amended until the Exclusive Right of Burial has been transferred to a new Grant Holder.

Paperwork required to carry out a burial:

  • Completed Notice of Interment Town Council form - available below
  • Signed Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial Town Council form (new graves only) - available below
  • Green or white Certificate for Burial or Certificate for Disposal of Cremated Remains
  • Payment *

The above paperwork is required a minimum of five working days before the burial. This is to ensure that we have sufficient time to excavate the grave and carry out the necessary administration.

Burials will normally only be permitted Monday to Friday (excluding Bank or other Public Holidays): 9am-2.30pm November-February; 9am-3.30pm March-October. It may be possible to arrange interments outside of these times subject to additional cost. Please contact us if a time outside of the permitted hours is required.

The responsibility for selecting the location of the burial plot lies with Stroud Town Council.

The details of all burials are recorded on our database and in the Burial Registers. We are happy to help with any searches, although please note a fee may apply.

* The Children's Funeral Fund for England

The Children's Funeral Fund is a central government scheme which compensates burial authorities and funeral directors for some expenses when arranging the funeral of a child under 18.

The fees for the burial or cremation can be claimed directly by the burial or cremation provider - you should not be charged. How to claim for some other expenses (for example, the coffin) depends on if you are using a funeral director or not.

For more information please go to Support for child funeral costs.

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