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Electric vehicle

Electric vehicle

Following on from the climate change resolution one of our first actions was the purchase of a second-hand Renault Kangoo ZE LL21 Maxi fully electric van.

The van, which was originally registered in 2014, had 10,000 miles on the clock and cost £6,950 plus VAT. The latest version can be found on the Renault website and in the Renault brochure.

Apart from the obvious benefit of no longer using petrol, the running costs are also very low.

The battery is leased from Renault and the cost is based on the estimated annual mileage and power rating. For us this works out at £25 pcm plus VAT. If the capacity falls below a certain percentage, Renault replace it.

We were required to insure the battery, which was added to our combined insurance policy for a nominal premium.

Electric vehicles valued at less than £40,000 are exempt from vehicle tax.

The vehicle came with solid bulkhead and ply-lined, plus security locks on the 3 doors into the back – probably because it had previously been driven in London. A mesh bulkhead gives better rear vision, and we may add a reversing camera for added safety. The van has inbuilt reversing alarm and sensors. The alarm can be overridden if needed for early mornings etc.

Bizarrely, this type of vehicle is MOT exempt, but we asked the dealer to MOT it anyway, because we wanted to be sure it was safe. Once the vehicle has been tested it then requires an annual MOT forever after.

We had a 7.3kwh charger installed for £440 – the actual cost was £940 but a government grant of £500 is a 10 minute online application away. The charger works on single phase electrics. Our electricity is supplied on a "green" tariff.

The van can be charged through a standard 3 pin plug lead, but it takes longer, so this is not ideal. We use the 7.3kwh lead, and it takes just a few hours to charge.

Whilst the van readout suggested originally that the range was 60 miles, it is nearer 35 miles taking into account the hilly nature of Stroud. This lasts us up to a week.

We have found the acceleration as good as diesel vans, and it is happy to reach 60mph.

The Maxi version we have can accommodate Stihl brushcutters. We have added a rubber mat to avoid contents sliding around, and a roof rack (£250) for longer items.

Our ranger team are very happy to use it – although care is needed when behind the public in a park as it is absolutely silent! Hopefully soon there will also be pickups available.

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