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Stroud Town Council has become the first Earth Protector Town in the UK as part of its commitment to becoming carbon neutral.

The initiative from the Stroud-based Stop Ecocide campaign hopes to raise awareness of climate and ecological instability in order for towns to ultimately become carbon neutral.

The Town Council has already pledged to become completely carbon neutral by 2030 and to encourage more sustainable transport, reduction in energy, production and consumption of locally-sourced food, the reduction in consumption of animal products and reductions in energy use in homes, businesses and elsewhere.

Councillors unanimously voted to join the Earth Protector scheme in recognition to the legacy of the late environmental lawyer and campaigner, Polly Higgins, who lived in the town.

The Earth Protector Town scheme, an initiative from the Stroud-based Stop Ecocide campaign that Polly founded, officially launched today with the Gloucestershire town as its first signatory.

The scheme also seeks to support Ms Higgins' campaign to amend the Rome statute and declare ecocide a crime at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Jojo Mehta for Stop Ecocide said: "Stroud Town Council is leading the way towards a new framework for municipal life. Their pledge to become an Earth Protector Town and support Ecocide Law is a powerful first step.

Town Mayor Kevin Cranston said "We're pleased that Stroud is the place where the Earth Protector Town declaration is being launched, the result of collaborative work between the Earth Protector movement and the Town Council."

Earth Protector Town's five goals:

1. Produce a strategy and a date to achieve a carbon zero future.

2. Practice the movement from sustainable to regenerative living wherever possible.

3. Protect and enhance ecosystems, habitats and species in and around the town.

4. Pioneer the reduction and elimination of single use plastic.

5. Promote awareness of climate and ecological emergencies.

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