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Creating the Plan

Front cover of the Neighbourhood Development Plan document

Shaping the heart of Stroud is a community-led process that has created a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the town centre in Stroud.

The plan establishes general planning policies and proposals for the development and use of land in the town centre.

It is a statutory plan with the same legal weight as the Stroud District Local Plan when planning decisions are made by the District and Town Councils.

The plan was drawn up by volunteers working with the Town Council, which is the body authorised to draft the plan. It was subject to consultation, an independent examination and a referendum.

You can read a briefing which was prepared for the launch event held on 26 July 2014 hosted by Stroud Town Council.

To get things started Stroud Town Council made an application for designation in order to develop a neighbourhood plan.

The designation sought by the town was granted by Stroud District Council's Environment Committee which designated the area of Stroud town centre as a neighbourhood area in respect of which a neighbourhood development plan can be created. A formal certificate has been issued to confirm this designation and authorise the Town Council as being the relevant body to bring the plan forward.

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