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Exclusive Right of Burial

An Exclusive Right of Burial is a Deed purchased from the Council that gives the purchaser or Grant Holder the Right to say who can be buried, or have ashes buried or scattered in a grave and give permission for a memorial to be erected or amended.

A maximum of two people can jointly purchase an Exclusive Right of Burial for a grave space in Stroud Cemetery.

Please note: an Exclusive Right of Burial cannot be purchased in advance of need, i.e. graves cannot be pre-purchased or reserved.

Exercising the Exclusive Right of Burial

All Grant Holders must sign to authorise their exercising of the Right.

If a Grant Holder does not sign, the grave cannot be opened for burial (with the exception of the burial of the Grant Holder), and no memorial can be erected or altered.

When the last remaining Grant Holder dies a transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial must take place before any further burial, memorial erection or amendments can take place.

Last updated: Tue, 05 Jan 2021 10:03