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Green Spaces

The entrance to Park Gardens

Our Green Spaces Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of more than twenty-five green and open spaces around the town. These vary greatly in size and nature, from traditional Victorian parks to small pocket parks, cemeteries and other community spaces.

Path through The Long Ground

The Council has invested heavily in improving our sites in recent years. Public surveys have told us that the network of green spaces around the town is one of the most loved aspects of living in and visiting Stroud.

We have pursued a policy of acquiring important sites that add to the network of public open green space where there is a clear need, to protect them for future generations. In recent years we have bought The Long Ground, between Stratford Road and Cainscross Road from a developer, and the Trinity Pocket Park.

Looking over the fence into Trinity Pocket Park

If you have any comments on our plans for any of the sites, if you feel there is something we have missed, or if you would like to get more involved in caring for Stroud's green spaces, please contact us.

The Council welcomes visitors to all of the public sites and is keen to hear from people who use them. We will seek opportunities to engage with residents and visitors to better understand what people like about our green spaces and ideas for how they can be improved.

The Council is keen to support the establishment of "Friends of" or informal user groups for our sites – people who voluntarily work to maintain, improve and promote a green space. Groups have already been established at Daisy Bank play area (Friends of Daisy Bank) and Trinity Pocket Park and we are particularly keen to establish a similar group for the cemetery. If you are interested in getting involved please contact us.

There are several areas around the town which the Council has encouraged to "rewild" as part of the growing national BLUE campaign. Its logo is a blue heart, made of recycled materials. The aim of the campaign is to create wildlife-friendly habitats. For more information please visit the BLUE campaign website.

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