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New Play Equipment for Daisy Bank

Play equipment at Daisy Bank is reaching the end of its life and Stroud Town Council and Friends of Daisy Bank will be replacing some of it this year.

A project brief was set by Friends of Daisy Bank and the Green Spaces team at Stroud Town Council after talking to existing users of the play area and a formal tender took place to find a designer/supplier. The feedback we got we got was clear and consistent.

  • The main structure is well-used and popular as it is
  • Replacing what we currently have with something similar
  • Don't change the design too much

There is still time to make a few minor tweaks to the final design. If you have suggestions or ideas, please get in touch with the Town Clerk, Helen Bojaniwska via email by 5th December 2022

Last updated: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 14:27