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Investing in Community Services

Stroud Town Council is investing in the services it provides to the community.

The average Band D payer will pay an extra 27p per week as the Town Council's share of the council tax.

That means, an average Band D council tax payer will pay £170.69 a year, an increase of £13.84 per year.

Councillors are committed to continue supporting community organisations and services with grants and service level agreements. This includes a new grant fund for projects which help to reduce CO2 and a pilot project to support volunteering at arts and cultural venues and events.

Other plans include: continuing community based projects in Paganhill and at the Top of Town, and replacing and upgrading and replacing play equipment.

Priorities for town centre regeneration will be: Real-time Information for buses and trains, car charging points, and better signage.

"Most of our income comes from council tax, but we will continue to seek external funding for projects and making use of our reserve funds to help keep costs down," said Stroud Town Council Mayor Kevin Cranston.

"In the last couple of years we have secured external funding of over £100,000 for a variety of projects. We will continue to build on our fundraising efforts to ensure that we can deliver projects cost effectively."

External funding is actively being sought for the two biggest proposed spends for 2020 on building improvements at Lansdown Hall and the Subscription Rooms, which the Town Council aims to achieve without increasing the council tax.

"We already have plans approved for exciting improvements at the Subscription Rooms and some external funding has already been secured," said Town Mayor Kevin Cranston.

"We plan to submit an application for improvements to the access, toilets and bar at Lansdown Hall. We will be promoting both projects in partnership with the trusts that operate the buildings, and supporting them to raise the necessary funds through grants and donations."

The Town Council has set a budget of £10,000 for improvements to its property and equipment to help it achieve the target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Posted: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 11:26 by Admin team

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