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Walking and Cycling in Stroud

This consultation is now closed.

Stroud Town Council is seeking your thoughts on how to promote more active travel in Stroud and the surrounding area.

The Coronavirus lockdown saw a significant decrease in the numbers of vehicles on the roads in and around Stroud town centre.

Social distancing measures put in place by the Town Council provided an opportunity to experience a Stroud not dominated by the car. More people also began to walk or cycle as reduced traffic volumes resulted in quieter roads, improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.

The Town Council is keen to understand how these changes could continue into the future with their beneficial impacts on human health, the environment and as an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

It is asking people for their thoughts and ideas to make walking and cycling easier and safer.

The council wants to hear from those who live, work, and use Stroud as their main service centre. Thoughts of those who commute to/from and through Stroud whether by vehicle, public transport, cycling or walking are also sought.

Earlier this year government announced a strategy to make space for cyclists and pedestrians and support increasing capacity on public transport as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

Among the schemes Gloucestershire County Council has put forward for funding is one for Stroud Town Centre. This will improve walking and cycling access to Stroud town centre from the east and west. The proposals will permanently re-allocate some road space to cyclists to provide a safe and accessible route into the town. The scheme will incorporate segregated cycle lanes where possible.

The Town Council can then use the comments and feedback to campaign for cycling, walking and other transport improvements in the local area. The consultation runs until 27th September 2020.

Posted: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 13:43 by Helen Bojaniwska

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