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Statement on Misinformation Regarding Coronavirus and Coronavirus Vaccinations

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Stroud Town Council has appealed to people to support the health service by staying at home and having the vaccination when it is offered to them.

Councillors backed a motion at the full council meeting after receiving updates from Inspector Paul Cruise, Dr Laura Hole, Paediatrician at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Dr Dave Windsor, Clinical Lead, Intensive Care, Gloucestershire NHS Hospitals Trust.

The motion states: "As we move into higher tier coronavirus regulations for Stroud and Gloucestershire, we wish to formally thank everyone, especially NHS staff and other key workers, who have been working so hard to save lives, care for, and support local people in these challenging times.

"Stroud Town Council totally rejects the false and misleading disinformation regarding the coronavirus and the coronavirus vaccination programmes being circulated in the town. We unreservedly condemn activities which have the effect of inflaming fear, and that seek to undermine public confidence in these programmes.

"The Town Council resolves to continue to work with public authorities, medical professionals, other local organisations and our Stroud communities to promote wellbeing, observance of coronavirus and public health regulations and uptake of coronavirus vaccinations amongst residents of Stroud."

Town Mayor Kevin Cranston called on councillors to lead by example and follow the more strict guidelines from the first lockdown and to use their influence persuade others to do likewise.

He also called on people to be wary of disinformation around the vaccination programme and to seek facts through reputable sources such as the NHS and Stroud Coronavirus Community Response.

'Whilst freedom of speech is a right to be upheld it is also a privilege which must not be abused or devalued by deliberately spreading misinformation, especially when it can cause great harm," said Councillor Cranston.

"The NHS is going into the most challenging time yet dealing with this pandemic and we must all do everything that we can to help by supporting the vaccination programme and redoubling our efforts to follow the rules for everyone's safety."

Councillor John Bloxsom, who introduced the motion, said: "Like many people I have been horrified at the criticism levelled at the health service which is completely unwarranted. We owe a debt of gratitude to those in the care and health service."

Posted: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:16 by Admin team

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