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Severn View Primary School

Stroud Town Council is objecting to the proposed closure of Severn View Primary School.

Councillors believe it is a vital community resource and that more needs to be done to determine if the school can be saved.

Councillors expressed concerns that the school closure would leave the Top of Town community where there are many young families on limited incomes, with no community resources.

The trust which runs Severn View Primary Academy has announced it will ask the Government to close the academy at the end of the academic year.

At a full council meeting, the Town Council unanimously agreed it would support the parents' campaign to save the school from closure.

The Town Council will provide support and advice on potential legal and procedural challenges to the proposed closure.

An online meeting for parents will also be organised by the Town Council to provide them with an opportunity to discuss their concerns.

The Town Council believes that the community should be consulted, especially the parents, and that all possible solutions should be considered before the school is closed.

Posted: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:24 by Admin team

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