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Proclamation Ceremony

Proclamation Ceremony

To mark the passing of our late Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second, a ceremony will be held on the Subscription Rooms forecourt, George Street, Stroud, at 4pm on Sunday 11th September 2022.

The Mayor, Cllr Stella Parkes, will read a proclamation to the people of Stroud marking the beginning of our new King Charles III's reign.

The proclamation of the new Sovereign is a centuries old tradition. The ceremony does not create a new King. It is simply an announcement of the accession which took place immediately on the death of the reigning monarch.

In bygone days the ceremony would have been the means by which people learnt for the first time that they had a new Monarch. In the modern age news travels almost instantly around the world, but this ceremony still provides an opportunity for our community to come together and reflect on the moment in our nation's history when the reign of our longest-serving Monarch came to an end and our new Sovereign succeeded to the throne.

All are welcome to attend.

Posted: Fri, 09 Sep 2022 20:07 by Helen Bojaniwska

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