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New Councillor in Farmhill and Paganhill Ward

Cllrs Shyam Ananthan

Engineering professional Mrs Shyamala Ananthan has been co-opted on to Stroud Town Council to represent the Farmhill and Paganhill ward.

Councillor Ananthan, who is known as Shyam, has lived with her family in Stroud for about five years and works in the aerospace industry as a Programme Director/Value Stream Manager.

She is a parent governor Whiteshill Primary School and a STEM Ambassador working with primary schools, secondary schools and universities mentoring and promoting STEM careers. Councillor Anathan is also a director of the Paganhill Community Group.

"I am absolutely passionate about my community's well-being and improvement in all fronts such as quality of life for families, pollution free lifestyle, enhanced and user-friendly roads, inclusion and diversity, safety and security of people, elderly health and well-being support, children's growth and education, physical and emotional well-being of people, business and developments, and the environment and mother nature," said Councillor Ananthan.

"For all the residents, council services are core and everything that helps with their day-to-day lives. As councillors we become the link between the two, opening more possibilities for council and the local community. I am very keen to work towards a positive change for my Paganhill and Farmhill community."

Posted: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 10:32 by Admin team

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