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Bank Closures

Stroud Town Council is appealing to banks to continue to offer their vital services in the town.

The Council's appeal comes as four banks in the past year have closed branches or announced plans to leave Stroud.

"These closures have caused great disruption for individuals and businesses. People need choice on how they access their bank service," said Town Mayor Stella Parkes. "Online banking is not accessible to everyone nor is it always appropriate. We all have had times when face to face contact with our bank has helped us resolve an issue. Taking away that option is not in anyone's best interest."

The Council thanked those banks which remain committed to the town. "By staying open and offering face-to-face services, these banks are proving they want to be an active part of our community.

"That commitment to providing vital services should be recognised and we encourage people to consider moving to these banks if there is no longer support for face-to-face or cash services."

The Council encourages banks to continue to offer face-to-face contact and to offer cash services to both individual and business clients.

"We would welcome the establishment of a BankHub. We believe a vibrant town centre needs to provide the services that the community needs."

Posted: Thu, 02 Mar 2023 14:18 by Admin team

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