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Parks and Gardens

Park Gardens, Bank Gardens and Trinity Pocket Park

View of Park Gardens with the shelter and a bench in the background and a lavender plant in the foreground

The Town Council recognises the important role that our parks and gardens play in our town as areas for recreation and leisure and the contribution that they can make to sustainability and conservation.

We aim to ensure that our parks and gardens are:

  • Welcoming, positive places with good and safe access, and clear signage
  • Accessible for all members of the community
  • Healthy, safe and secure
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Managed sustainably – using environmentally sound practices and techniques
  • Managed with regard to the conservation of natural features, wildlife, fauna and landscape
  • Managed with regard to the preservation of historic buildings and structural features
  • Managed with the involvement of the community
  • Actively marketed and promoted as community resources

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