Serving the people of Stroud to create a thriving, sustainable community

Representatives on Outside Bodies

Cotswold Canals Western Consultative Group:
Cllr Cranston

Cycling Groups:
Cllrs Hale, Naumann, Seffar

Gloucestershire Association of Parish & Town Councils:
Cllr Child

Gloucestershire Chartered Parishes:

Stratford Park Management Group:
Cllr Child

Stroud CAN (Climate Action Network) Core Group:
Cllr Green

Stroud CAN Communications:
Cllr Fealty

Stroud CAN Food:
Cllrs Child, Davies

Stroud CAN Nature:
Cllrs Child, Graham, Seffar

Stroud CAN Recycling and Waste:

Stroud CAN Transport and Energy:
Cllr Schoemaker

Stroud Hospital League of Friends:
Cllrs Hale, Seffar

Stroud in Bloom:
Cllr Graham

Stroud Youth Forum:
Cllr Davies

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