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Street Art

Stroud Town Council has been working closely with the owners of The Market Tavern to bring street Art to Stroud.

Temporary boards have been positioned around The Market Tavern site forming the ideal place for high visibility public art.

The Town Council has been running workshops thoughout the summer for 12-17-year-olds, with all of them fully booked.

The events have given young people a chance to try out graffiti-based art and learn a new skill.

Stroud is known for its vibrant arts scene and this has been a great opportunity to engage young people with their town and create an atmosphere of creativity for residents and visitors.

Street Art is one of the most popular and growing forms of personal expression and can provide a positive outlet for young people, especially when well-structured with a focus on specific skills.

The South-West is internationally known for its street art, being the home of Banksy. Many towns near Stroud are hosts to high quality public artists and this matters to many young people who live in Stroud Town. Cheltenham Paint Festival is upheld as a positive example of a town embracing the power of public art.

By negotiating suitable places for young people to practice their art, Stroud Town Council hopes to build positive relationships with the town's young people.

Diversionary activities can assist the police by creating a positive climate for young people to encounter mentoring and to see authority figures in a fresh light, many studies have shown a reduction in anti-social behaviours.

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Last updated: Tue, 29 Aug 2023 12:01