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Town Awards 2022

Young Person Award, runners up Jess Coldrick, left, and Florence Cross, and winner, Ed Scipio, with Mayor Stella Parkes

Environment Award, runners up Jamie Warren, left, Shalize Nicholas from Madia and Matilda, and winner Fred Barker's award being collected on his behalf, with Mayor Stella Parkes

Trader Award, runners up, staff (left) from Boots Opticians, Chrissie Lowery from Craftology, (Stroud Chamber of Trade were also runners up) and winner Gerb Gerbrands from Stroud Farmers Market, with Mayor Stella Parkes

Community Award, runners up Nathan Roe, left, from MOTH community group, Hannah McDonnell, from Stroud and District Tourism Forum, (Stroud Maternity Unit were also runners up), and winners Ann Taylor and Cleo Musi, volunteers with Museum In The Park Walled Garden Volunteers, with Mayor Stella Parkes

James Beecher, from the Stroud Coronavirus Community Response volunteers, winner of the 2021 Mayor's Award, presented by Kevin Cranston, former Mayor

Mayor's Award winners, the Long Table, with Mayor Stella Parkes

Winners and runners up, with Mayor Stella Parkes, at the Stroud Town Council Awards 2022, held at the Subscription Rooms 18 May 2022

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